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Your dog may be a candidate to be a blood donor:
55 lbs or over
1-8 years of age
current in vaccinations
even temperament

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Forest Forest

Forest’s presentation

Hi everyone!

My name is Forest of the Heidi Saints Hill. I was born in Cremona, Alberta and cared for by Mama Marion. She also cares for many other Saints, as she likes to call us all. I am somewhat special, as I was the runt of the litter and I only had a litter of small puppies. I am the daughter of Canarctic O’William, Canada’s beauty champion many years in a row and of Mama Chi-To Too. My grandpa, William, was also famous for his beauty and many times national champion. I have two sisters and five brothers. I hope they all ended up in good families. As you can see I come from a prestigious family. Three years ago, my forever parents, Camelia and Constantin came to Alberta to adopt me and bring me home, to Winnipeg, Manitoba. I had a wonderful life in Alberta, in the woods, but now I have an even better one. I live with my sisters Chia, a Chow-Chow cross, Slurpee, a very lazy English bulldog and three cats, all well behaved.  I have communication problems with Catherine, the biggest one.  Other than that, I am busy all day long, eating, sleeping, digging and being petted by many, many kids, adults and seniors, who, of course, call me Beethoven. I also live with two teenage girls, Antonia and Stefania. They are pretty busy all day long, but love me dearly. I hang around volleyball, American football and swimming teams, as they are the ones I meet very often.

My favourite field in the world is Pan-Am. I spend many afternoons there with Slurpee and my parents. Mostly my mom, as she is the one that takes care of me most of the time after she comes home.

I like everyone and my biggest pet peeve is when adults or kids avoid me and think I am too big to deserve their attention or too slobbery (something I cannot control). But for the most part, I am very, very popular and get way too much attention, which I enjoy very much.

I love rolling over in the grass, being scratched with a big brush, and of course, my favourites are the big bones. My dad is the food provider and he gets a lot of hugs when he comes home. I have cousins in Romania and a grandpa. Recently, I lost my friend, Chia and that left me very sad. I have big beds, a keg ordered from the States and I also enjoy car rides with the windows open. Every four months or so I donate blood for the sick doggies across Canada. I am happy to be able to do that. I have many canine and feline friends: Ogie, the terrier, Brownie, also a Terrier, Mika and Marley, two Mastiffs, Jasper, a Shi-Tzu, Milo, a Lab, Winston – The Newfie - with whom I run at the Pan Am field, Louis Cornelius, a Beagle, Lia-Louise, a Bichon and many others. Sorry, guys for not mentioning you all.  I also met Patton once, at “the Paws in Motion” event, two summers ago. During Halloween, I wore a Witch hat and greeted all my little friends, who were happy to see me in front of the house. Generally speaking, I am well behaved, I cross the street when the light says so, I understand three languages, know quite a few commands and like to lick all the cats I meet (If you have one at home, let me know).

I have to go now, as it is getting late and need to go for a walk. You know the Speedy Gonzales thing, which I do with my mom and run like crazy after her. My nickname is Broomhilda, like the Visigoth princess, a very pretty one. Best wishes to all of you for the New Year and the years to come!

Love, Forest

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