We need MORE donor dogs :)




Your dog may be a candidate to be a blood donor:
55 lbs or over
1-8 years of age
current in vaccinations
even temperament

For more information, contact us at:
or call us: 204.632.2586



Our Blood Donors

We’re looking for a few good dogs!

All of our life saving donors are loved animals volunteered by their owners.

Winnipeg Manitoba
Donor clinics held at RRC (Red River College)
2055 Notre Dame Ave Room AB69
Winnipeg MB R3H 0J9
(204) 632-2586

Mobile Donor Clinic locations held throughout Manitoba:

  • Oakbank Animal Hospital – 622 C Main St., Oakbank, Manitoba
  • WinRose Animal Hospital – 534 St. Anne’s Road
  • Charleswood Veterinary Clinic – 3717 Roblin Blvd
  • McPhillips Animal Hospital – 2211-B McPhillips St
  • Winnipeg Humane Society – 45 Hurst Way
  • Animal Hospital of Manitoba – 995 Main St
  • Stonewall Veterinary Clinic – 4 Dolomite Ave, Stonewall, Manitoba
  • Selkirk Animal Hospital – 601 Christie Ave, Selkirk, Manitoba
  • Brandon Hills Veterinary Clinic – 733-17th St, Brandon, Manitoba
  • Brandon Animal Clinic – 2015-A Brandon Ave, Brandon, Manitoba
  • Pembina Veterinary Hospital – 400 Pembina Hwy.
  • Southglen Veterinary Hospital - V-730 St. Anne’s Road
  • Fort Garry Veterinary Hospital - 1444 Pembina Hwy
  • Birchwood Animal Hospital - 2595 Portage Avenue
  • Selkirk Veterinary Services - 6 Wersch St, Selkirk, Manitoba

If you prefer to attend one of these locations instead of RRC please let us know when you make your appointment.

Edmonton Alberta
Donor Clinics held at NAIT
(Northern Alberta Institute of Technology)
11762 106 St NW
Edmonton AB T5G 2R1
Ph: (780) 491-1324

Canadian Animal Blood Bank Inc. – Southern Ontario


Blood Donor Requirements:

  • Healthy and even tempered
  • Weigh 55lbs (25kg) or more but not overweight (body composition score of 2-3)
  • Between 1-8 years of age - Retirement at 10 years of age
  • Current vaccinations
  • Recommended (preferred) donors be spayed or neutered
  • Recommended (not required) all donors be on heartworm prevention during appropriate season

Your veterinarian will ensure that your pet meets our requirements.

Once accepted into the program, we will ask that you visit our blood donor clinic every three months for a blood donation. A small area on the dog’s neck will be shaved. We will collect approximately 450 ml (1 pint) of blood during this painless procedure. Sedation or anesthetic is not required during the donation which lasts for approximately five minutes. The process will not jeopardize your dog’s health.

When the blood donation is completed, we will process the donation into blood components. These blood components will then be available to veterinarians across Canada to aid ill and injured dogs.

We need you and your dog to continue to meet the growing demand for blood products. Please help us! Contact your veterinarian today!

To sign up your dog as a blood donor, print this form and take it to your veterinarian.

iconDonor Registration Form

For further information, please contact the Canadian Animal Blood Bank Inc. at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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