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Your dog may be a candidate to be a blood donor:
55 lbs or over
1-8 years of age
current in vaccinations
even temperament

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Annie’s Success Story

An uncelebrated Winnipeg dog effectually helped save the life of another and to think, these two hounds had never even met, nose to nose.

What started out as an ordinary January day for Annie, a pregnant 3 ½ yr old Irish Wolfhound lying around with her human family turned into a joyous occasion as Annie began whelping or as her human counterparts would know it as; going into labour. A calendar in the distance ominously read it was the first Friday the 13th of the year as if to mark the strange and sudden turn of events the day had to offer. Just as quickly as the arrival of the first pup poked through, Annie began experiencing birthing difficulties and suddenly wasn’t able to continue.

Annie’s family recognized there was trouble and immediately brought her to a veterinary hospital. An emergency caesarian was imperative in order to save the remaining puppies still inside.

Dr. Joan Stewart-Hayes of Dutch Hill Veterinary Clinic performed the surgery and what she found inside was startling even to her.

One of the puppies was floating freely outside the mother’s ruptured uterus. A nearby major blood vessel was causing excessive blood loss. Annie now had a life threatening condition known as hypovolemic shock due to the severe bleeding. In order to stabilize her condition a blood transfusion was necessary to correct the blood volume loss.

The CABB was able to provide Dr. Stewart-Hayes with a unit of red cells. To be prepared for unexpected emergencies like Annie’s, canine blood donor clinics are held regularly by the CABB in order to keep a ready supply of blood products available to veterinarians all across Canada. Blood donations from Manitoba dogs help save the lives of fellow Canadian dogs every week.

Annie has since recovered from the surgery and is now the proud mother of seven large healthy puppies. Although Annie may never come nose to nose with the dog that effectually saved her life, they will forever be bonded by the thick red blood flowing through her veins.

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