Emergency Depots

To support the local community, the Canadian Animal Blood Bank has partnered with local veterinary clinics to act as CABB Emergency Depots. They help us to increase the after-hours availability of CABB products.

CABB Emergency Depots are usually open 24/7 and maintain a small stock of transfusion products, depending on national availability. While we aim to increase the number of products stored at CABB Emergency Depots, national demand is high. You can do your part to ensure that products continue to be available in your community by:


Order Ahead.

Emergencies happen when you least expect them. Order ahead!

Host a Canine Blood Donor Clinic!

Help us meet national demand and ensure Depot locations can maintain available stock by becoming a host clinic.

Help Recruit Local Canine Donors.

Help us raise awareness of this vital service by referring suitable canine blood donors.

CABB Emergency Depot locations may include the following products, depending on national availability:

  • Canine and Feline Blood Typing and Crossmatch Kits
  • Blood Filters
  • Canine Packed Red Cell Concentrate (PRBCs)(DEA 1 Positive and/or DEA 1 Negative)
  • Canine Fresh Frozen Plasma Full and Half-sized
  • Canine Cryoprecipitate

To access CABB Emergency Depot supplies, you must:

  • Request blood type-specific PRBC. If you do not know the blood type of your patient, send an EDTA sample with your designated courier to the CABB Depot for recipient blood typing prior to product dispensing at CABB Depots. Applicable fees for blood typing will be added to your CABB invoice.
  • Include transfusion consumables as required (replacement blood filters, blood typing test, crossmatch kits).
  • Transportation information (courier, timeframe, etc).

It is the responsibility of the receiving veterinary practice to ensure the correct product(s) have been received. Upon receipt, immediately confirm:

  • The product is correct.
  • The blood type is correct (if PRBCs).
  • The product is in date.
  • The product is not damaged.
  • Consumables requested are present.

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